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What is Future of Education Conference?

In the next 15 years, youths will enter the workforce at a time of profound social, economical, workplace and technological change. 50% of all jobs will be replaced or heavily disrupted. There will be lots of jobs, just not enough youths with relevant skills to fulfill them. As senior educators, we all bear the responsibility to work together and prepare our youths for this change. The Future of Education Conference is dedicated to this mission. We want to drive real change by bringing together a group of senior educators  who are committed to aligning the future of education with the future of work. That is why this conference is invitation-only, purpose-driven and action-oriented.

We have designed a unique and innovative virtual conference experience focused on connecting our delegates with a network of senior education industry decision makers as well as content this is highly relevant to shape the future of education. As captured in detail below, the agenda is carefully designed to have high impact networking opportunities between senior educators. The conference starts with a live 2 hours keynote session where 40+ senior educators will introduce their talk in about a minute each. After the keynote, delegates will have access to over 50+ hours of sessions to be consumed at their convenience across the five days that follow. Each delegate will be provided with material that will help them find the most relevant sessions. The conference experience includes an opportunity to request five 1:1 introductions with other senior leaders you resonate with as well as an invitation to join (for educators only) an exclusive group of senior educators for peer-to-peer collaboration across the year. 


You will leave this forum with not just ideas but a real tribe of fellow senior educators who are on the same journey of systematic transformation. This is not a theoretical forum on the future of learning - it is a highly interactive conference designed to facilitate peer-to-peer learning and establish collaboration opportunities. All of the content is embedded in reality and is presented by your peers that are in decision making positions in the field of education.  We have a restricted number of spots per school board and post-secondary institutes to ensure we bring together a wide range of transformation projects and ideas across Canada and the world.

This period of rapid transformation doesn't have to be a threat to our youths. It can be an advantage for our youths and the planet if we are willing to accelerate the changes we are making. The team at Future of Education Conference is committed to supporting our educators so that the next generation entering the workforce is driving innovation that helps humanity rather than being the ones disrupted by the future of work. Let's shape the future together. We owe it to our youths. APPLY TODAY to be a delegate or lead a session at the conference.

The world needs our action and our founder, Sultan Akif, is committed to that ideology. He has built 37 libraries in 10 countries in public schools with his own funds and hands. See the videos at His mission in life is to support educators just like you around the world who work hard everyday to change lives.

Conference Themes

The conference has two separate streams for K-12 and Post-secondary institutions.

In each of these streams, there are three carefully designed themes (WHAT, HOW and WHERE) to support educators drive real change


What we are teaching our youths!

  • This theme is focused on the curriculum for future skills. You will share and learn about programs being implemented or envisioned across Canada and the world to train our youths on future skills in STEM, robotics, AI, programming, global awareness, sustainability, active listening to public speaking and many others.


  • This theme is focused on the transformation of learning methods. You will share and learn about the latest innovations in immersive learning, engaging projects, hands-on coding, learn by play and other processes and methodologies aligned with the future.

How we are teaching our youths!


Where we are teaching our youths!

  • This theme is focused on the transformation of our learning environments. You will share and learn about projects that are helping with youth mental health on campus, building inclusive spaces that are fostering creativity, innovation, diversity, student engagement and student leadership.

The transformation is upon us, but we do not have to do it alone. The sessions in this conference are not theoretical in nature. The conversations will be led by your peers who are senior decision makers in school boards or post-secondary institutes. In addition, your contribution to the conversation and raising awareness of projects in your area of authority will be invaluable for your peers. Deep purpose, interactive peer-to-peer conversations, seniority of delegates and action oriented sessions are what makes this forum unique.

The Value

Who Should Attend

Decision Makers

This forum is focused on business and technical decision makers in post-secondary institutions, K-12 school board administrators, principals and vice-principals, program directors and department leads at colleges and universities and leader in the society who are focused on youth engagement, entrepreneurship programs and future of work.

Peer-to-Peer Networking

Senior Decision Makers

We are invitation only to keep the bar high so you will be in the company of those just like you who are responsible for decisions in their organizations. We are all facing the same pressures - this conference is designed to bring us together to share knowledge and collaborate on the most innovative solutions and partnerships.

Access to funding

Programs to fund innovation

There are sessions focused on funding sources and government programs designed to support our educators to make the transformation projects a reality. Many of these programs are under-utilized at the moment.

No Long Presentations!

You are a participant AND you are a contributor. The content is designed to be filled with real projects, real lessons and real stories. It is action-packed in recognition of the seniority of the people in attendance. The forum also provides the opportunity for continued collaboration


Help us empower

students around 

the world

We are a purpose driven business. Purpose will always be at the center of our existence. We take a significant portion of the funds from our events and build libraries around the world. We are proud that we have self-funded 95% of the 37 libraries that we have built in 10 countries.  Your registration helps us put books in the hands of children who have none. Have a look at and you will see our purpose in action.

 Action Packed Conference Agenda

Our Vision & Team

Our Vision

Our vision is to make the education system future-ready by supporting educators who work hard everyday to change lives. We have committed the next 10 years of our lives to create the most important education conference in the world that drives real change. We will achieve this by working closely with senior educators committed to making a difference. We will always keep the bar high on attendee quality and will always grow without losing the intimate peer-to-peer nature of the experience.

Our Team

The founder of this conference is Sultan Akif who left his successful 17-year corporate career (World Wide Solution Director for a large multi-national company) to dedicate his life to youth empowerment. He has built one of the largest youth employment events in Canada ( as well as 37 libraries in 10 countries ( This expo was selected in the national finalists list of the most prestigious award for community impact by Government of Canada.. He is a proud Governing Community Member at University of Toronto Mississauga, a mentor at Humber College for Entrepreneurship, a past-instructor at Sheridan College and a frequent speaker at universities, colleges and schools around the world. He was ranked in the top 10 global change makers list in education by the Introducer Magazine. Sultan's heart warming speech at the convocation ceremony of Sheridan College will highlight the depth of purpose behind this initiative. Just like our founder, the Future of Education Conference team are a purpose driven group of educators and professionals and this will never be just a job for us! If this resonates with you, join us in the journey and apply today. Together - we are unstoppable!

Our Purpose

The Future of Education conference is more than an event for us - our purpose is to make a real difference. It is our way of supporting educators that fight everyday on behalf of youths around the world. We will grow to be the most important forum in the world not because of any other reason but because of the fact that we CARE about driving real change through the content we put together and the people we invite to the conference.

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